How To Be A Creator Of Circumstances

By Sergei VanBellinghen

How to be a creator of circumstances rather than letting things just happen to you, is an idea that enters your mind when you realize that your thoughts somehow shape the reality you experience. Of course, opinions and beliefs influence the world around you, but how they affect you is your choice.

But if the answer is so simple, why isn’t everyone doing it? Why aren’t most people successful or happy? What is the difference between a creator and a creature of circumstances?

Circumstances are often attributed to things beyond our control. It is a word we often use to prove, describe or explain the situation we are in at present or in the past. But when you think in this way, you then are a creature of what is happening around you. Situations control you when it should be the other way around.

When you want to become successful or get something, you have to believe in your abilities. But you also need to realize that you control your thoughts. Thus you can shape your circumstances. It is the only way I know how to build a life, where you do what you want to do. And it takes knowledge, obligations, awareness, belief, risk, intuition and hard but smart work.

“Successful people are one hundred percent convinced that they are the masters of their own destiny. They are not creatures of circumstances, they create circumstances, and if the circumstances around them suck, they change them.” – Jordan Belfort, the Wolf of Wall Street.

Creature of Circumstances

Just look at the present circumstances in your life, which are in control and which are you directing? When you search deep enough, you may find that while many are a result of the habits and choices you made over the years. Others are the consequence of other people’s beliefs, preferences, and decisions.

So, how they affect, touch and impact you are your decision. Let’s say that you had a bad experience with a cat when you were younger. And so, it creates a fear which makes you decide never to touch or get close to cats again. Believe me when I tell you that any animal sense the fear you have of them, and it reinforces it by their reaction when they are close to you.

As a result, you avoid cats and refuse to get near them. In this way, it also makes your social life tricky as you have a hard time visiting friends who have cats. You may even avoid certain places or cross the street as soon as you see one. In this instance, you became a creature of circumstances because your lousy experience made you a slave to a habit which has created different situations for you.

Two Types of People – Creator and Creature

Therefore, in this world, there are only two kinds of persons:

  1. People who are a creator of circumstances and turn everything they want into reality.
  2. The rest who are creatures of circumstances which is no other than 95% of the population and gets little to nothing.

Do you really want to be known as the person, who settles, goes through life barely making it, being satisfied with what you get and accepting what happens? Or do you want to be great and successful, and have a legacy and a reputation as someone who is a warrior in life?

Well, personally, I am a person who wants to make an impact and is a creator of his own world. So, you have to be an architect that creates his own life and designs it, despite all obstacles. You should strive to be a creator of circumstances instead of a creature of it. I know, I know- easier said than done. But do you have a better choice in mind?

How to Be a Creator of Circumstances

In the past, I was at times a creature to some of the circumstances life offered me. And I know you have to or still do. It is no fun at all as one grows resentful. But in the times where I won, I realize I created and controlled all of my circumstances. So how can you go from a creature to a creator?

First of all, if you change your thoughts, you will begin to alter your circumstances. Most people react to conditions or situations thinking that they have no control over them. It is true to some degree! There are various things that you cannot control. Stuff like who your relatives are or specific physical features you have.

But rather than letting the circumstances mold you, you have to be the one who changes the conditions of life that surround you. You can think, analyze and figure out whether you want to accept the situation or replace it. So, you are the creator of your circumstances, even if you do like it or don’t.

Habits and Circumstances

In fact, most of your circumstances are a result your choices and decisions in life. If you take the time to search the source or cause of the reason you are in your situation, you might find out that you chose or decided what brought you there. But again, you must realize that unconscious habits have a significant role to play in the circumstances you create for yourself.

Therefore, these habits reinforce and support your beliefs, views, and principles. And it becomes even harder to change. Deep-rooted habits and circumstances are somehow intertwined. So you have to work on your inner self to change your outer world. You have to replace some habits with better ones.

However, too many people accept the status quo and refuse to go against the flow, out of fear. Everyone wants change, but not many want to change. When you look at the world around you, you can see what I am talking about here. To be a creator of circumstances, you have to go against the flow.

Creators Change the World

What happens when people who have enough do something about it? They change the world. I never settled very often in my life, and when I did, I rebelled against it after a while. Life is not about giving in but about fighting back.

On the other hand, so many people use circumstances to justify or excuse why they are the way they are. It is much easier to blame someone or something for the bad that happens or for the failures than to look within.

So, start to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what the worst thing that could happen, if you become the creator of your circumstances, is. Focus on the best-case scenario instead of looking at the worst one. Great things happen to those who believe and take action.

Most of the time, the probability of success is on your side. Visualize what you want. Take action every day. Build momentum. The choice is yours but remember; it is better to be a creator of circumstances than to be a creature of situations which dictate your life.

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