Success – “Ignore Everything”

By Richard Peck

Without sounding egotistical, one of the “core” tricks to massive success I have found is to “ignore everything else”. What does this mean and why it is important?

Success is a huge word, and can mean anything from recovering from a terminal disease to being able to walk again after a horrific crash. Most people attribute it to the accumulation of wealth, which is fine.

The point is that if you want to be “successful”, the BIGGEST problem will likely be *you*. You’ll either talk your way out of actually stepping up and doing – what ends up being quite mundane / simple – things.

Becoming “successful” basically means being able to follow through on a specific goal no matter what else might be distracting you. Everyone has distractions – from your kids to bills. The best people are absolutely and completely focused on the fulfilment of the various goals they may have.

These “goals” differ – but the process remains the same. They are absolutely committed to their fulfilment. The level at which you’re able to do this typically determines the level of success you’ll be able to achieve in the wider world.

Take “making money” – what most people would attribute to “success”.

The earning of money doesn’t differ between people. You exchange a service for a token of value – which in our society is money. The money you earn – or at least what other people attribute to you – is based primarily on the level of service you provide. Effective services typically equal higher paying buyers.

If you’re looking to embark on a journey of successful money-making, you basically need to identify your ability to create an effective service. This can be anything. But – most importantly – you need to stick to that level of service no matter what.

This BIGGEST MISTAKE people make (and I’ve made it countless times) is to become distracted – either by shiny objects, other people… or the voice that lives in your head. The latter option here (the voice) is actually the biggest reason why most people never really do very much; they give in too easily.

If you wish to overcome your current standing in life – the big thing you need to do is to essentially “train” yourself to focus on one goal at a time, and pursue it with all vigor. Those who do this actually end up being successful in other areas of life, too.

The trick to doing this is actually quite simple – create a “reward” system which gives you little bits of respite in the pursuit of the goal.

For example, say you’re looking to “start an online business” – and say you’re looking to create $100,000 turnover in the first year (which won’t happen)… the “reward system” you create needs to be tied to you building a simple mechanism through which you’re able to sequentially work your way up to the $100,000.

To do it, you’d basically break the goal down into “two” parts – “long term” and “short term” revenue projects.

  • Short term revenue is basically where you’ll go out and look for paying work – either online or offline. There are many “freelancing” websites such as Fiverr and Upwork which can do this. You’ll use this as your “food money” budget – allowing you to create services or provide value in order to feed and house yourself.
  • Long term revenue is somewhat different, and where most people become disjointed. Creating $100,000 income is not really that difficult if you appreciate what goes into doing it. However, the issue for most is they will try and pursue it immediately. This doesn’t work; you need to invest into more rigid products & projects in order to bring in that sort of money consistently.

To get to the $100,000 revenue target, you will need to essentially feed your momentum with many smaller goals – short term revenue – which you can then use to fuel the higher level projects that can be used to create the $100k income.

You’ll note that ALL of this is absent of “competition” and “market conditions” – it’s entirely based on YOUR output. Quality output towards your goal equals success. This is what you have to do – blind yourself to the various “problems” which may stand in your imagination – but not real life.

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