Success Tip – Relentless Self Focus

By Richard Peck

Want to learn French? Start a successful business? Find “the one”?

The answer lies not in someone else, but yourself.

The biggest problem I continually see is that people have this fascination with trying to emulate others, or even trying to pick them apart.

Whilst this exists for everyone, the truth is that “life” is basically a mirror. You get back exactly what you put out.

The irony is that you have to help yourself before you’ll receive help from others. It’s often the most “scary” thing (getting on camera / offering a product for sale) which allows people to grow most – meaning that unless you’re willing to at least get started with it yourself, you won’t get very far. This sentiment lies at the core of success.

Successful people are generally highly self-focused; they become completely independent of other people’s thoughts, ideas or even social considerations. They don’t worry about trying to impress people, get involved with the latest fad or even worrying about things external to them – such as where the next paycheck is going to come from. They are entirely self focused – and it pays (eventually).

Everyone Has Their Price…

The most important thing to realize is that everybody has their price – what you’re willing to invest in order to attain a specific return.

Whilst most people view this in a negative light (unwilling to put in the time / effort), successful people see it as an opportunity to make significant progress. This is where the idea of “self focus” becomes most pronounced.

Self focus is about identifying everything through the scope of you.

For example, if you start a business – rather than worrying about whether “customers” will want to pay for the product/service (which is obviously important) – what’s more important is considering what you bring to the process.

I am a MASSIVE believer in the idea that the best “businesses” are simply “services” which you start as a freelancer, eventually re-investing the profits into building assets, a brand and client-base.

The mistake most people make in this aspect is to try and target “markets” (of people who are already buying things). This puts the focus entirely on other people, and – whilst will generate money – will mostly make you feel underwhelmed and burned out.

A much better way to start the process is to apply yourself to the process of work – identifying what you can/need to grow (in yourself) before then trying to apply that to the various opportunities you’ll have available.

The problem for most is they simply feel the work is “below” them (the “price” is too high – they’d rather apply themselves to something less strenuous). This principle is why the majority of people have no concept of what to sell, or even how to even begin building a successful asset/enterprise. They’re too busy chasing other people, fads + shiny toys.

The KEY to long-term success in business is to let buys COME TO YOU. Don’t just do something because “everybody else” is doing it… find your own path by applying yourself to different opportunities.

Application Through Service Is The Key

In business, the most attractive thing you can do/have is to be seen to be productive.

Obviously, you need to couple this with actually being productive… but the sentiment stands – the guy who’s constantly seeing new prospects, trying new opportunities and generally investing into himself/the business is always going to attract a crowd regardless of what he’s doing.

To this end, if you’re looking at becoming “successful” – you need to appreciate that it’s through the application of service that you get rewarded.

The service you provide determines who comes out of the woodwork, and how much they’re willing to pay. The depth of service can be anything from fixing someone’s website to getting them 10,000 Twitter followers.

What most people don’t understand is that all the theory in the world can only be used to give you “knowledge”… it cannot be turned directly into money.

This means that if you’re looking to genuinely achieve a particular goal, you need to create/identify a “service” through which you’re able to develop your own underlying skill set, and thus improve what else you can do for others. Do this enough and success – in any field will not be a problem at all.

The ONLY Way To Do This Is To Be Self-Focused

To do this, as mentioned, you have to IGNORE everything that’s external.

Become humble, focus on providing your services in any capacity and you’ll soon begin to be sought-out for the work you do.

All successful people start out working for others. There’s no getting around it; what separates them – though – is that they don’t depend on this work (like the majority of people), they use it as a means to invest into their own underlying skill set – with which they’re able to apply themselves to much more intensive projects.

Along the way, the “skill” or “thing” they originally wanted, would basically come out of the work they end up doing.

It’s strange how it works in the end; you may want something so badly that you’d do “anything” to get it… but in the end, you realize that it’s not the “thing” that you want, but what it stands for. Again… the “wanting” of the thing is the default tendency of putting all your hope / energy into something external. Rather than “wanting” things – focus on how you are making progress in the world. Look at the time you could optimize daily; the people you’re around and the projects you end up working on.

You don’t need to vocalize this to anyone (remember… saying that you’re “going” to do something is putting your focus on the external again) – keep it to yourself and continue to provide the best service you possibly can.

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