Assess Hourly Employees

Hire and retain the best talent possible.

Hire Stronger Hourly Employees

Do you find it difficult to tell from an interview how reliable a prospective employee may be?

Or if the person will work hard once he or she arrives?

You need an hourly employee assessment test.

Devine Hourly Selection is an effective online screening tool for high turnover hourly positions such as call center agents, retail workers, food service employees, hotel staff, manufacturing personnel and medical assistants.

Does your organization face any of these challenges?

  • Poor attendance, tardiness or high turnover
  • Poor work ethic or low productivity
  • Internal theft or safety violations

Hourly Selection measures the potential for these behaviors within prospective hires, so that you can avoid costly mistakes of hiring the wrong person for the job, and increase the ability to retain the best employees possible.

How Devine Hourly Selection works

Devine Hourly Selection consists of an online assessment that takes job applicants approximately 10 minutes to complete. The results reveal the anticipated work ethic, customer service orientation and potential risk factors of your job candidates—important information to help you assess an individual before hiring them.