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Select candidates who perform better, stay longer and fit your company culture.

Hiring and Selection

The Devine Consulting’s hiring and selection tools have been used by thousands of organizations worldwide. Our pre-employment assessments have a proven track record of helping companies accurately predict job applicants who will be successful in specific roles by analyzing behavioral tendencies and competencies that would not otherwise be evident in a job interview alone. In turn, this allows your organization to reduce hiring expenses and prevent longer than necessary gaps while filling positions.

Learn more about our hiring and selection solutions below.

Critical Thinking Inventory

Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

Devine Hourly Selection

Measure potential for poor attendance and low productivity in high-turnover hourly positions.

Devine Inventory

Ensure that employees hired for specific roles continue to grow and develop.

Devine Salaried Selection

Create a workforce with a high success potential and compatibility with your company culture.


Help your employees attain the skills needed to conduct a successful structured behavioral interview.

Job Model Builder

Job models are the cornerstone of important human resource functions.