What is the Peter Principle?

The Peter principle, (Dr. Laurence J. Peter) observes that people in a hierarchy tend to rise to their “level of incompetence”. Most managers got promoted based on their previous individual performance in their previous jobs, but not trained for their managerial role. It is not their fault as no one tells them or mentor them. In fact they already have the drive and motivation, and that’s why they got promoted. What they lack are the essential managerial and leadership skills. Many managers and teams failed as a result of the lack of essential managerial skills.

This workshop will train and equip the Sales Managers with the skills and tools needed to transform them into effective managers and leaders.

Many of employees wrong behaviours are the result of habits resulting from their managers/leaders not managing the AB C (consequences) properly. So the employees go about solidifying theirnwrong behaviours over time to their own premature career demise. Devine Inventory measures their mindset and habitual behaviours. It takes a skilled manager to help them unlearn the wrong behaviours and replace it with correct behaviours over a protracted period. Can be very frustrating.

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