Self-Responsibility and I …

“I am not happy at work because my boss did not make me happy,” did you say that❓ If not, it has become almost a cliche when candidates are asked as to why they would want to leave their current employer.

I am reminded of an incident that was shared by the prodigious writer and speaker, John Maxwell about his wife, Margaret. They were invited to be speakers in a seminar. When Margaret”s turn came, there was question and answer session. A mother asked, ”Mrs Margaret, does your husband make you happy?” All of a sudden, the room became so quiet and you could hear a pin drop. The audiences were obviously curious and attentive to hear the answer. Margaret was silent for a moment, contemplating her answer from the bottom of her heart. Then she answered with an unequivocal , ”No!

John Maxwell and the audience gasped with disbelief❗️

“John Maxwell cannot make me happy. John is indeed a very good husband. He never indulge in gambling, get drunk, or have an affair. He is faithful, always provide for my needs, either physically or spirituality. However, he cannot make me happy. I am the only one who can make me happy and it is my own choice and responsibility,Margaret proudly proclaimed to the applause of a standing ovation.

“Phew …,” John Maxwell gave a loud sigh of relief.

No one can make anyone happy. Happiness is a self-responsibility. Not even God can make us happy if we choose not to exercise the self-responsibility that God has endowed upon all of us.

I often hear the platitude of “Leave it to God!” However, from the parable of the TALENT to the parable of the BRIDESMAID – success and happiness in life require self-responsibility. Happiness should not be an end itself. It comes after we do something useful and good for others. It is like the fig tree bearing fruits to serve others. Even Jesus cursed the fig tree for not bearing fruits. “Leave it to God” should be after you have done your best, not as a trump-card to avoid responsibility. “Leave it to God” should not be an alibi for one’s lack of industriousness.

Employers are at wits’ end when they hire people who refuse to accept responsibility. Interviews and reference checks are two of the least predictive tools of hiring though its usage is ubiquitous.

Fortunately there is a solution to ascertain the mindset of your potential new hires. Devine Inventory is one such tool. Employers can save untold hours of agony and frustration of having to deal with people who refuse to accept self-responsibility.

Self-Responsibility and I are symbiotic. It is your responsibility to ascertain where you are vis-a-vis the general population as your success and happiness depend on it.

We at Devine Consulting can help you take that very first step toward greater self-responsibility. Are you willing to accept this self-responsibility⁉️

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