The Effective Manager’s Guide to Hiring, Onboarding and Managing the Best-Fit People

Are you frustrated with some of your employees’ behaviours? Many of employees’ wrong behaviours are the result of habits resulting from their managers not managing the consequences properly. So the employees go about solidifying their wrong behaviours over time to their own premature career demise. It can be very frustrating. 

The Devine Assessment measures their mindset and habitual behaviours. It takes a skilled manager to help them unlearn the wrong behaviours and replace it with correct behaviours over a protracted period.

The Effective Manager’s Guide is a 3-day workshop to learn the Insider’s playbook for Hiring, Onboarding and Managing the Best-Fit People in your organisation.

Seats are limited. Register now.

For workshops in Malaysia, email  or call Rosalind at +603-7955 3686 to reserve your seat.

For workshops in Singapore, email  or call Richard at +65-6223 6848 to reserve your seat.

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