Can You Slow Down?


By Tim Connor

A question – do you think driving faster, eating faster, walking faster, working faster etc. or doing anything faster gives you one more minute of life? Do you think it really adds value to the quality of your life? If your answer is – yes to either question – don’t bother taking the time to finish reading this article cause it will be a waste of your time.

Everywhere I go or am I see people who just can’t do everything faster and it amazes me that they all think this life approach is working or shall I say giving them more time to do other stuff in a hurry or to get somewhere else in a hurry or to – whatever – in a hurry.

Now, don’t get me wrong I am all for – efficiency, planning, working hard, working smart, playing – you name it and I’m for it or will consider it but one thing I have learned travelling the world for over 35 years, no matter how fast you want to get there you can’t rush the traffic in front of you. No matter how much of a hurry you are in, in the restaurant you can’t speed up the delivery of your meal. No matter how fast you want to get out of the hospital you have to wait till they tell – it’s OK to leave. Still with me or are you just disagreeing with everything cause you think I am lazy, na�ve or maybe even stupid.

OK, how about getting someone to respond to your email, text or telephone message because they need to be on your time-frame, not theirs? Or, waiting to board the aircraft for your flight thinking that if you stand near to entrance door it will happen faster? Had enough of my examples cause I could go on for pages if you want me too.

My point, and then I’ll let you get to your next “rush in a hurry” activity, project, decision etc.

Yes, rushing might help you get more done, but I have learned when I don’t rush what gets done – gets done better. I have learned that when I don’t let other people’s need to be in a hurry or to assume that I should be in a hurry cause they want or need me to be, or they are as slow as a turtle forcing me to wait or be patient, I keep control of my stress, my behavior and yes in the end, my health. Just curious – do you know the number one contributor to stress? Impatience and/or the need for control. Know the number one contributor to illness, disease, and death? Stress. Get the connection?

So, when I create an activity or project pace – whether it’s writing an article, writing a book, packing for a trip out of town or preparing for my next keynote that permits me to make the most of the time I have for this project – it always ends better than when I rushed it. Ever rushed getting ready for a trip and then discovered you forgot something?

Years ago, when getting ready to speak for a large audience I discovered I forgot to pack my dress shoes so here I am in a sports coat, dress pants, and sandals. Ever experienced anything like this?

My other point is simply that rushing usually) not always) in the end is a waste of time as you now have to fix something, change something, apologize for something or do something all over again.

So, so I don’t waste any more of your time, consider – slowing down and moving with purpose, passion, preparation, patience, persistence and yes, fun.

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