You Cannot Be Successful – 4 Dangerous Myths That Keep You Stuck

By Trent Fisher

Have you ever felt that success is something out of reach for you? Many of the people who I come in contact think that success is something that they cannot achieve. They believe it must be something that you have to be born with or something that you have to sacrifice to be able to reach. But this is not the case.

I believe that success is something anyone can achieve, no matter where they come from or who they are. Success is a mindset and not a destination. Because of this, anyone can find success.

Let us explore some myths that may be keeping you from achieving success and how to overcome them.

1) The show me the money myth – This is the myth that believes that success is all about the money. Money is necessary, but money is not success. To be successful, to be genuinely successful is all about service. It is all about what you provide others and the world in general. So, focus on service and not the money, and success will come to you quickly and easily.

2) I have more followers than you myth – This myth believes that success is all about the numbers; the number of followers, likes, views, or sales you have. Success is not about numbers; it is about moments of genuine interaction. If your goal is only about the numbers, you miss out on real connections. So, focus on connecting with others, and not just the numbers and success will find you.

3) Me, me, me, me myth – This is the myth that everything is about “you.” You can never achieve success if it is all about you. You need others to be successful; you need clients, customers, people to bounce ideas off of, etc. Successful people focus on service to others. It is not that they think less of themselves but that they know that they could never be successful without the help of others. So, look for others that can help you to be more successful, mentors, coaches, friends, coworkers, etc.

4) The I have to be a martyr myth – This myth believes that you have to sacrifice yourself and your values to be successful. There will be sacrifices, but they never are against you, but for you. In truth, your values and who you are as a person should never be sacrificed. Successful people understand this. Your values are what make you unique and it this uniqueness that helps you to be successful. So, connect to your values and know who you are and by this connection, you’ll express who you are. This is where success begins.

So, do any of these myths keep you from your success? Are there others that are affecting you? Understand that these myths, and any others you may have, are only thoughts you think. And, because you believe them, you can change them. By changing them, you will attract success much more accessible. Examine the things that you think about success and see if they are empowering or disempowering. If they are disempowering, come up with ones that are empowering and see how quickly you can achieve success.

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