Secrets to Believing in Yourself and Achieving Your Dreams

By Benjamin Efe Odjenabor

While it is quite true that every great achievement in life begins with desire, no achievement is however reached without being convinced deep within our hearts that what we desire is achievable.

While we are unconvinced about the feasibility of any dream or whatever we desire, we lack all the power, passion, enthusiasm, perseverance and lots more, to drive that dream or desire on in other to make them a physical reality. We feel weak-kneed, shallow-hearted, empty-brained, bloodless and lifeless whenever we think about that dream. We feel jelly-hearted and end up always procrastinating and procrastinating from time to time. We feel we are not yet ready.

But once we are convinced that dream is feasible, achievable, that is, we believe it is realizable given all the abilities and resources we have and those of others we are going to be networking with in order to bring the dream of life, we suddenly become energetic, passionate, zealous, enthusiastic and heavily loaded right within. The right does of adrenaline is injected into our blood!.

Our brains receive fresh vitality from our blood vessels it brightens up and prepares a strong foundation on which other roadmaps to our success empire can be laid.

Our minds sharpens up, and opens up to receiving creative impulses that can immensely help us to design and implement the step by step distinctive actions, plots, schemes, contained in our master plan to achieving our specific and definite dreams, goals and pursuits.

To believe is to feed sure or certain that something is true or possible. When you are certain deep down beneath your breaths that your goal, dream, targets are feasible and achievable, then every other thing starts falling into its proper place.

Many people fail in life not because they didn’t desire success or riches but because they never really got to convinced deep down their hearts, they never really got to believer, to be certain beyond all doubts that their dreams are feasible, attainable, achievable!

The truth is “all things are possible to him who believes is the moment you truly believe, the invisible mental barriers and blindfold that used to darken your mental eyes and all the gigantic mountains the fear of the unknown has created in your subconscious mind disappear. They start falling down before you as you step forward. They disappear like a mirage as you appear on scene. And soon you realize you are actually unstoppable. Your dreams are actually achievable. And new ideas ways, opportunities unfolds before your very eyes.

To believe in your dream all you have to do is take a second look at your self- you are fearfully and wonderfully created. You are only aware of a small part of what you are capable of in life. Like an iceberg, only a small portion of your total potential is visible. Your mind is an engine room for riches, success and great inventions, creations that are yet to be revealed!. The mind is loaded with unbelievable power-you just have to lean how to put it to use positively, and productively. And you’d be surprised at what eventually becomes of you.

Every great man, every successful and famous person were once ‘ordinary’ people. They were once ordinary ‘unknown’ people until they learned how to desire to be great, and as well learned how to unlock the latent powers of the conscious and sub- conscious mind. They were ordinary people like you until they learned how to harness the powers of their minds by believing in their inner God- given abilities, and as well that of others, in other to bring their dreams to life. You too can, if only you BELIEVE!

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