How To Create Your Wealth Empire From Scratch

By Benjamin Efe Odjenabor

Many great minds that would have been successful in life have sadly ended up dying with their gifts. They never become successful. They never had it big. They were never recognized, honored and celebrated. No, not before they died. This is because people value and honor you for what you do or did with your gifts, talents and not for how many talents you’ve got but never used.

This means a talented man can die a wretched man if he fails to put those talents and gifts to work and translate them into personal success.

One key enemy of success in life is procrastination. Procastinators never achieve much in life. It’s not that they don’t have the talents, the gifts, the abilities. It’s not that they don’t desire to be successful in life. But that they never come to a definite decision to be really successful in life. They just keep postponing making important decisions in their lives. And as the old saying goes “time waits for no man” they eventually run out of time. It is so difficult to redeem back lost time. That is why it is very important to make the right decision at the right time. Once a definite decision has been reached the others begin to fall into place as well. We become more sensitive and committed to the responsibilities that lie ahead of us.

It is one thing to desire success yet another thing to actually and definitely decide to be successful. Reaching that definite decision is as important as in initially desiring to be successful.

A definite decision to succeed goes hand in hand with the desire to succeed in life. A definite decision convinces you it is no-retreat-no- surrender. You’ve made the decision and it stays that way. And you are going to keep doing all it takes to reach that end.

Yes, this is true because a decision is a choice or judgment that you make after thinking and /or talking about what is the best thing to do with regards to a definite, specific situation.

Everybody desires success but not everybody goes that extra mile of making a definite decision they can live up to and benefit from immensely. Until you really, sincerely decide to be successful in life, in your discipline, you would only remain like a log floating atop a river driven anywhere the current leads.

A definite decision is like an honest vow. You cannot afford to turn your back against it. The consequences of your turning away from it will be gruesome. And you don’t what that to happen to you. No, you only want the best things of life and not the worst things, so you hold on to your vow, you remain bound by it from the moment you made that vow – that definite decision to be successful in life.

And because you are bound by it, it becomes a life-lasting and life-changing decision. And the reward for making a decision like this – to be successful, is becoming successful indeed, eventually.

A popular anonymous saying go – “Nothing in the world is more common than unsuccessful people with talent” How true is this saying. When you properly examine many unsuccessful people, you get to discover there are wells of ‘success-creating-talents’ buried deep within them.

The problem could only be their inability of making a definite decision – one as strong as a vow, a covenant, that could spur them on to harnessing all other secrets of success, such as exposed in this book in other for them to eventually become successful. Without such definite decision made in your life, before it is too late, I am afraid procrastination and fear will only end up swallowing up your talents and make a mockery out of your life.

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