Merry Christmas – The 3 Requirements to Level Up Your Success

By Paul J Ingram

For the majority of us, success doesn’t come by accident. Success happens because of a chain of events. Though the word success may be a subjective thing, the words achievement and progress are not. In order to reach success, whatever it means to you, you must achieve and progress. It’s easy to lose focus and motivation especially in the down times so I want to give you my trick that has helped me stay focused on my success over the years. I learned these through my martial arts training and have been applying them to my health, businesses, and relationships. I call them my 3 requirements to level up and reach success.

Motivation, drive and focus crumble when the greater vision is lost or doubt or something negative grabs your attention pulling you away from your goals. I’ve found this happens because the connection to your purpose was broken. The first step here is to refurbish your purpose. What are you thriving for? Be specific.

For example, this article has two main purposes. Number one, I really hope these three tips help people to get back on track toward reaching their goals and success. Secondly, it helps to get my name out there. Why is this important to me? So perhaps I could help as many people as possible in achieving their successes.

Define what your purpose is. Write it down and know it’s okay if it evolves over time. As you reach levels of success, you want to adjust your purpose accordingly but, by stating your purpose and knowing it gives you a direction where to put your focus and apply your effort.

Once you have your purpose you need to get obsessed with it. Obsession is a powerful tool to keep the fuel in the tank, foot on the gas and do what you have to keep pushing through. Obsession glues you to your daily tasks.

What are you doing every day? Why is what you’re doing important? Re-confirm your goals daily until you become obsessed with your goals.

Finally, you have to get committed. As a teacher of the martial arts for over 10 years I’ve found people have to become obsessed in order to truly get committed.

Knowing your purpose comes first. You have to know what you’re committing yourself to. I hear personal development experts all the time saying you have to commit. Commit, commit, commit! Commit to your goals! But, they miss the purpose thing. How do you know if you’re setting the right goals for yourself if you don’t have your purpose down? Which means you may be committing to the wrong thing, that you’re not obsessed about and you can’t get obsessed about because you know in the back of your mind that it’s not what you want to achieve.

Leveling up your game and your success isn’t about creating habits. It isn’t about creating goals to check off the list. It’s about making success a daily requirement and knowing exactly where to aim your efforts. Know your purpose, get obsessed with your purpose and now you’re going to get committed to your purpose. Now you have a real foundation to build real ideal goals for yourself.

It’s easier to read the map when you already know where you’re going and where you’re starting from.

If you can’t get obsessed with a purpose you gave yourself then it’s probably not your purpose. Don’t take what somebody else is doing and confuse yourself about having to or wanting to do the same thing the exact same way. Here’s an exercise I do and I have my students do to find what your true purpose is.

Turn off the videos, close the books and block out any outside influences for about 2 weeks. Go somewhere secluded in a natural environment and spend 2 weeks with just yourself and your thoughts. To locate your purpose you need to break off outside influences.

Anytime you’re falling off track just go reconnect with your purpose. Leveling up is not about what motivates you. Motivation wears off. Drive and obsession don’t wear off. What you’re obsessed with you’ll be committed to.

Hey, I hope this helps you in some way. If it does, I’d love to know about it. If you’re interested in learning more about me and my unique approach to reaching success visit me at and feel free to email me and “Like” my page on Facebook here.

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