Through Failure, a Better Way to Succeed

By Steve Wickham

Success always waits to walk into the room after failure has embarrassed us. The key is not being put off by our embarrassment. Keep thinking appreciatively.

Shame and guilt cost us so much. We leave something prematurely, or become despondent, when all along it was persistence that was going to prove the way was worth it.

We are so bothered about how we look we lose sight of how wonderful we are when we say, ‘Oh well, I’ll keep going anyway.’

Our minds are our sharpest critic. Our shame gear kicks into overdrive and before we know it we are apologising for what many people did not even see.

Our hearts are so vulnerable. We want kudos for our works and initiative, when God is set on keeping it secret, so a richer reward would ultimately be ours.

The time has come to embrace the embarrassing faux pas and put it straight without feeling guilty. The time is ripe to make a hash of something with the intention of succeeding, knowing that our intention was sincere and pure. The time is now to be ready to fail.

We never intend to fail. We are never so brash. But in moving forward and ahead we shouldn’t fear moving further behind. Indeed, when it seems like we’re getting behind can actually be God putting us ahead – His strange way of reversing fortunes.

Imagine not being afraid of failure. Imagine not experiencing that anxiety that comes with performance. We can care and at the same time risk. Sometimes when we risk, we find the best way to care.

Our best successes come after we have failed and possibly many times. Success came because we did not give up.

Steve Wickham holds Degrees in Science, Divinity, and Counselling. Steve writes at: and

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