Success and Its True Meaning

By David Amasi

What really is success? Is it scoring 100 in my Biology Class Exercise, or is it being the best in Chemistry for the year. On the other hand, is success being able to get higher than 70 in a literature paper or is it writing an article for the school’s paper. Could success be joining the school choir or being chosen as a starter in the basketball team. Could success even be coming 119 out of 120 in the set. To me, successes being able to fairly and justly achieve goals set for yourself, through hard work, practice, and determination. A successful person does not cheat, neither does he/she give up. Success does not come over night, but is a journey of a thousand steps.

What do friends say success is? My close friends tell me; success is a sky that keeps increasing when you reach it. They say success is not only the gold in life, but also the second to last position, if it is what you aimed for and worked for. Likewise, my friend had experienced,what I call success. She always read and read for Geography, but did not get scores pleasing to the eye. The temptation of cheating to get a good grade came to her mind, but she got the second highest score in the class in geography. This is true success, something I hope we all can achieve.

What do adults and grown-ups say success is? To some adults, success is achieving first place. They say my success could be defined as my position, but this is not for all adults. To my coaches’ success is working and improving on myself to achieve more. Some of my teachers say being in the honor’s list is not always success. But being able to understand and apply what I learn is success. My parents tell me not to be proud of myself for getting the highest score in class; but to be happy that I have achieved my goals. That I am moving forward in life and learning valuable lessons.

The big question is how then does one achieve success. To me the big door that must be opened for success is hard work. Being able to unlock this door is the path to success. A great man once said ‘A journey of a thousand steps begins with one!’ This first step is hard work. Likewise, I say ‘No matter the score line, the match isn’t over until the final whistle!’ A good example of this occurred in one of my sets soccer matches. We were losing 2-1 with only 2 minutes left on the clock. My team had started to lose faith, but I reminded them that it wasn’t over. Fortunately for us the other team started to rejoice to early. So on the counter, I scored a close range finish for the equalizer. To me this was success even though we drew to a stronger opponent. From this my message to everyone is for you to never give up and continue to strive for success.

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