Keys To Understand Success

By Rinita Sen

There has not been a single educational conference that I had attended during my college days that did not have at least one student stand up and ask, “How do you define success?”. The answers have been varied according to the presenters’ own life experiences. Most of us tend to define success as per some societal norms that have been decided ages ago by our forefathers, but do these definitions really help? Let us see some of the ways in which we really learn to understand how to define success.


Although this might seem a little out there, anyone who is of age would definitely have had multiple experiences in life that are a combination of misery, pain, suffering, joy, satisfaction, and acceptance. It is important to start learning early in life what these experiences might mean later in life. For example, if a student continues to get insufficient grades in a particular subject, it is important to realize that this subject might be of little value when moving on to bigger things in life. Identifying the do’s and don’ts from early experiences can help create a focused mind driven towards genuine success.


This one is a given. There can be no doubt of the fact that sharing from an early age can substantially help in creating an open and broader mind. What one person thinks of her accomplishments might or might not be mirrored in another’s. Through sharing, one might run into someone who shares an equal passion of caring for the destitute, for example, or someone who doesn’t, might get genuinely impressed and influenced by such kind of passion. Sharing also helps a person identify what they do not want to be, thus being able to increase focus, and become more goal-oriented.

Your niche

Through a continuous analysis of the experiences in life and the knowledge gained in the manner of sharing, it becomes easier to find one’s niche, and constructing a smoother path via that niche to the ultimate goal. This ultimate goal, then, defines the individual success. It is easy to reprimand people running after money by saying “that is not success”, but the truth is, it might be the primary definition for success for some people. Other people may define success as being a learned person, being high up the corporate ladder, being conventionally sound, being a proud parent, travelling the world, so on and so forth. All of these are fine definitions of success as long as they do not hurt anyone or anything. Carving a niche for yourself is as much as getting your own things on track as acknowledging and appreciating another person’s track.

The importance of respect, understanding, love, and honesty, in the end, cannot be undermined no matter what your definition of success turns out to be.

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