Message From the Universe: Adventuring Into the Unknown

By Daniel A Amzallag

“Without challenge, adventure is impossible.


The Universe”

If you are not willing to jump and take that leap of faith, don’t expect anything magical happening in your life. Yes, you will play it safe, and avoid any major encumbrances in your life, not deal with any challenging hurdles and possibly are happy with this set up. All the power to you but do not complain when you see the wealthy living a lavish life when you barely can afford paying your rent. They embraced challenges and welcomed the possibility of failing when venturing into the unknown. They weren’t afraid of eating Ramen soup for a while where most of their friends and acquaintances had safe jobs and steady weekly paychecks. They were perceived as someone thinking outside the box and not being afraid of whatever comes their way and always be willing to accept the inevitable outcome of difficult failures. Because of all that, they chose to succeed and wouldn’t’ give up until it happened.

These go getters reside on the 3% group of the richest individuals owning 97% of the world’s wealth. They struggled in the beginning where no one would ever imagine being in their place but yet, made things happen and are now living the life that 97% of the population would ONLY dream of living. Without followers, there would be no leaders. Imagine a society where we were all born entrepreneurs, the economy would die as no one would ever be willing to work for anyone. Hence, everyone would compete in similar industry and purchasing power between citizens would be extremely limited. Nevertheless, followers are needed to make everything roll properly. Despite the life you chose for yourself, never blame anyone for the type of life you are living, and never feel jealous for the ones who have sacrificed everything to get to where they are. They took chances, you didn’t. Accept to live with that and stop complaining about why they are where they are and you’re not.

Dr Dan Amzallag, PhD, MBA, CLC

Author/Inspirational Speaker/Life Coach

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