How to Be Truly Free

By Timothy D Myers

To create true freedom in your life you must take action. You cannot be truly free if you refuse to take action. Before taking action you need to plan and part of planning is doing research and coming up with an idea. It is important to learn as much as possible from as many sources as possible. Once you are finished planning and have an idea it is time to consider why you want the freedom. Once you figure that part out it is time to take action.

You must believe you can do it and remember if you use the law of attraction to your advantage and think as if you already have everything you want you will get everything you want. The law of attraction is powerful and you attract back the energy you put out, Possessive or negative. The reason most fail at attaining true freedom in their lives is because they think negative. You must be positive to get positive results. This will require changing the way you think and look at life. This will not be easy but necessary. You must also get out of the mindset of playing it safe. Nothing in life comes without risk so in attaining everything you want you must also take risks.

Spiritual freedom comes from within. You must trust in yourself and the Universe. Belief in a higher power helps tremendously. Weather that be God a Goddess both or really anything for that matter. But without belief it is hard to get in the proper mindset. Remember the power is in you. Whatever higher power you believe in putting the power in you is up to you but remember the power is in you. Meditation helps with this and emotional freedom.

Emotional freedom comes from support from those around you. Keep supportive people close. You do not want to surround yourself with negative people because misery loves company. Engorgement is powerful in helping you change your mindset and keep it where you need it to be. As stated in spiritual freedom meditation helps with emotional freedom as well.

Financial freedom comes from having all you need and no longer want. This is accomplished by taking action and working for yourself. When you are financially free you no longer work for a boss but are now your own boss. Bills are paid and you do not struggle, there is no more paycheck to paycheck.

Time freedom comes from no longer being in the 9 to 5 grind. This means more time for family, more time for vacation and little to know worries in life. Your time is finally yours and no longer belongs to the job you had.

Now you are free truly free and you can breath easy and know you are happy truly happy you are almost completely stress free and money is no longer a concern.

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