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Measure the analytical skills of leadership-level employees.

Assess Critical Thinking Ability

Devine Critical Thinking Inventory is a talent assessment that measures intellectual capacity. More specifically, it measures the analytical skills of leadership-level employees. This online assessment calculates the ability for job candidates to review critical information, draw valid conclusions and weigh alternatives to make solid judgments. It’s an ideal sales assessment or manager assessment.

Who should take the Critical Thinking Inventory?

Due to the design of the assessment test, Devine Critical Thinking Inventory is very effective when hiring for roles where expectations are high, including:

  • C level – top leaders in an organization, developing vision and strategy
  • Operations – managing a lot of data and processes, making frequent, rapid decisions based on the data
  • Sales – not a typical sales role, rather one that requires extensive technical knowledge and applying that knowledge to a complex sales process with the ability to understand their clients’ businesses extensively
  • Management – someone who takes the lead in driving change, understanding cause and effect, considering potential outcomes and the impact of change on the organization

How does the Critical Thinking Inventory work?

Devine Critical Thinking Inventory is an online assessment with a 40-minute time limit. It presents job candidates with verbal and quantitative information and requires them to determine which of several plausible conclusions is correct. Unlike some assessment tools that use abstract and general information, Critical Thinking Inventory uses job-related, business-oriented language and examples as content.

After job applicants have completed the assessment test, hiring managers receive a report output that includes an overall score for critical reasoning, a score for verbal reasoning and a score for quantitative reasoning. These scores help hiring managers compare job applicants and provide an effective addition to the normal interview process.