Increase Employee Self-Awareness

Get a complete picture of the strengths and weaknesses of your employees.

Comprehensive, Anonymous Feedback

Do you need a thorough review system for evaluating the strengths and weaknesses of your employees — one that would enable them to live up to their fullest potential?

For such circumstances, The Devine Group offers a multi-rater feedback solution called the Devine 360. The results from the 360 degree survey facilitate self-awareness by allowing employees to view input about themselves from key stakeholders—the people they work with on a regular basis and know their work habits best.

The Devine 360 survey is effective at gathering an honest assessment of the behaviors and habits of an individual that affect others in the workplace. Anonymous feedback comes from direct reports, peers and managers in the organizational hierarchy and is compared with an individual’s self-assessment. Along with individual development, the Devine 360:

  • Increases employee self-awareness
  • Assists employees in prioritizing a personal development program
  • Helps supervisors coach employees to enhance their strengths and improve their weaknesses
  • Results in superior job performance and consistent achievement of company goals and targets

This 360 survey tool is a valuable, in-depth resource that significantly increases job awareness and performance, and will lead to better outcomes for individuals and their employers.