Understand Your Turnover

Identify why employees are voluntarily leaving your company.

Exit Surveys Made Simple

The Devine Online Exit Survey can help solve your organization’s employee retention problems by providing you with clear, concise and actionable management information on why employees are voluntarily leaving your company. Employee separation can be a sensitive process, which is why we developed the Devine Online Exit Survey. Geared toward helping you with your separation strategies, the survey provides the following benefits:

Easily interpretable information

The Devine Group’s decision factor based exit survey generates a list of the direct causes of each individual’s resignation, complete with the relative amount of weight associated with each of the causes. Open-ended comments are also captured to showcase the full picture for each exiting employee.

Efficient and consistent

Because the exit survey is web-based and can be taken at any time during the day, anywhere there is Internet access via computer, the process is extremely efficient. This efficiency is important during employee-employer separation. The program is also consistent, allowing exiting employees the same quality process, and the ability to compile results across many interviews so that you can know, rather than guess, the main causes of attrition.

Professionally conducted interview experience

In today’s lean, decentralized company environments, just having one qualified person that is available to conduct exit interviews is often a problem. Does your organization settle for exit interviews with questionable quality? Or do you simply do without? Either way, the company loses out on valuable retention information. The Devine Online Exit Survey is available anytime, accessible anywhere there is an internet connection via computer. Bottom line—your company will get a professionally conducted exit interview no matter where your employees are located.

Tailored to your organization

“One-size-fits-all” simply does not work for the exit survey process. So, while the process is standardized through the Devine Online Exit Survey, the content within the survey is customizable. Our consulting staff will work with you to develop the set of “decision factors” that will have maximum utility in your organization. This allows for the survey to generate information that is targeted and meaningful for your company, not vague and generic. With this information, you will be able to make better decisions regarding operational practices and procedures in order to regulate and reduce turnover stemming from modifiable factors within your organization.